• 2016 Domaine Bornard le Rouge-queue

2016 Domaine Bornard le Rouge-queue

The first thing you notice about the label on this wine is that Tony regards Melon as a different grape variety. This is not Melon de Bourgogne but a variant or cousin of Chardonnay that has ‘evolved’ in this region.

The local name of the grape is Melon-Queue-Rouge which refers to the red stems of the vines. Tony thinks people forgot about this grape, but his grandfather and a few others kept growing it even though it was a smaller grape and somewhat susceptible to disease. However, the INAO, which officially controls French appellation law, does not recognise its existence.

There are some oxidative notes in this wine which makes it very appealing to those who crave this experience. It is a big, fruity wine but with a razor-sharp streak of acidity offsetting the sweetness of the fruit. As with many of the Bornard wines, the finish is incredibly long.

Chambers Street Wines in New York said this of the Melon recently:

This Melon-Queue-Rouge (a variety related to Chardonnay) is fermented in fibreglass and then aged in old Burgundy barrels and demi-muids. The wine is minty and green apple-y with the characteristic generosity we associate with Bornard’s wines and a riveting streak of acidity that carries through to the finish.

- Living Wines

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.