• 2019 Herve Villemade Bovin Vin De France Blanc

2019 Herve Villemade Bovin Vin De France Blanc

This wine is a special bottling of Hervé's using mainly Sauvignon Blanc – he did add a little juice from the end of his other white grapes' pressing. 

He thinks it is so drinkable that a standard bottle may not be enough! Therefore, he uses a 1-litre bottle for this vintage, making it excellent value for money.

This wine was bottled in February 2021 and is a lively, fresh, flavoursome wine that shows off the characteristics of the grape perfectly.

Made from mostly Sauvignon Blanc, the grapes are sourced from a vineyard in the Cher Valley and harvested entirely by hand and placed in small baskets.

This wine is classified as a Vin de France and Hervé says it is “frais et gouleyant, a boire d’une traite”. Essentially he is saying it is fresh and should be drunk in one go!

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.