• 2020 Karnage Kolombour

2020 Karnage Kolombour

Colombard and Bourboulenc grapes were purchased from a vineyard inland from Montpelier in southern France. 

Those who have tried the Vain du Ru that we import from Dominique Andiran will know that Colombard can make quite an exciting wine! The same goes for Bourboulenc, often used as a blending wine in Provence.

The Bourboulenc bunches were direct pressed. The Colombard was distributed among two tanks. In one tank as whole bunches and the other held destemmed grapes. In both cases, the juice from the Bourboulenc was added to cover the grapes. The maceration was a short seven days, so this wine is slightly “orange” due to the juices being in contact with the skins of the Colombard for that time.

The juice from both tanks was combined and then bottled on the 1st July 2021 without any additions.

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.