• 2021 Adaption Qvevri Syrah

2021 Adaption Qvevri Syrah

Organically farmed Syrah from the Adaption Harcourt vineyard.

Picked early at 12 Baume for the love of acid, whole bunch carbonic maceration for 6 days then fermented in buried Qvevri for 9 months.

This wine has the style of a vin de table, as easy to enjoy with cheese and charcuterie as it is with a long slow braise and herb salad. Lifted acid, delicate yet present tannins, and relaxed, unctuous mouthfeel. Soft, juicy and easy.

Chill for extra thrill.

Unfiltered, unfined, vegan. 5 parts sulphur added at bottling.

By Andy and Tina Buchan.

From Harcourt in Central Victoria, Australia.

A mathematician and part-time restaurateur, Andy was first exposed to natural wines through Clever Polly's in North Melbourne and things were never quite the same again. From the first taste, he was obsessed with skin-contact orange wines and ancient Georgian winemaking techniques. 

The lure of the Jura soon took over with Poulsard, Trousseau and Savagnin being slurped and posted to Instagram with clockwork-like regularity. Naturally, posters of Robinot and Ganevat adorn his bedroom walls. So basically another over-40's-hipster-stereotype inner-city-dwelling foodie who rides a Onewheel and chills all his reds and of course only drinks cloudy whites. It goes without saying that fizz itches are scratched exclusively with pet nats, the chewier the better.

All additions are avoided 'cause they're bad and wine should be alive; he asks sommeliers pretentious questions about vineyard farming and frowns when he talks about glyphosate which is never referred to as Roundup. Cause that stuff is bad too and probably causes cancer, but salami and T-bone steaks are totally fine. Definitely not a hypocrite, he loves Datsuns, denim and the 80's. A vintage fashion collector, one day he hopes to make good wines.

Check Andy out on Instagram @andys_brrrmmm_gt ...and learn the answer to meaningful questions like "how far away can you go and still be dancing with me?"

Tina is far too busy to write a bio but her contribution to the making of Adaption wines is immense. She is many, many things including supermum, superhottie and the best wife going around. She also established and runs her own fashion agency Lady Ranger. 

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.