• 2020 Domaine Mosse Le Rouchefer

2020 Domaine Mosse Le Rouchefer

Le Rouchefer is a pure Chenin Blanc from a small parcel of gently sloping, southwest facing land that extends over 1.66 hectares with clay and gravel (studded with quartz) sitting on schist. The yield from this vineyard is very low, with 20 hectolitres per hectare being common.

The grapes are hand-harvested and meticulously sorted before slow pressing and both alcoholic and spontaneous malolactic fermentation. The wine is aged in old barrels for 12 months. This wine has a tiny bit of residual sugar, which adds to its charm.

This complex and elegant wine matches beautifully to a range of foods, including grilled fish, sweetbreads, chicken, and mountain cheeses.

We like what the dependable Web site Vins Chez Nous has to say about this fantastic wine (slightly Franglais translation):

"Anyone who does not know the Le Rouchefer of the Mosse Family would do well to dip their nose in it quickly!! An elegant and deep white."

- Living Wines

Soil: clay, quartz on shale.

Age of the vines: Vine planted in 1976

Grapes: Chenin

Vine management: Organic farming certified by Qualité France

Direct press, settling for 36 hours, then spontaneous fermentation and aging for ten months in young barrels on the fine lees without stirring. Unfiltered wine.

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.