• 2018 Domaine Bornard Tant-Mieux

2018 Domaine Bornard Tant-Mieux

We have been hanging out for the re-emergence of one of our favourite pet nats – Tant Mieux.

This gorgeous, pink sparkling wine made in the Petillant Naturel style is made from the Ploussard grape. The wine completes its fermentation in the bottle, and no sugar is added. Nor is it disgorged, so you will find some residual yeast remaining in the bottle. It is very low in alcohol at around 9% and has an appealing residual sweetness.

There is not much of it made, and we have only a small allocation. However, it remains one of our all-time favourite wines as it is just so versatile. You can drink it in the afternoon in the sun, it works well with snacks as the sun is going down, and after a solid night of enjoyment it's a perfect drink to put a full stop to the night!

- Living Wines

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Wine with no additions, wild yeast, and sustainable farming.